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Week 5 in Ireland and Italy - Dana Smith

This week was the best week of my life. It began with the worst week in Ireland though. I got sick with a sinus infection and felt terrible for days. After a quick recovery we went to a place called Johnnie Fox's which is the highest pub in Ireland by elevation. There we got a 3 course dinner, traditional Irish music and Irish dancing. This was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. The teachers at my school also went because it was for their Christmas party as a staff and it happened to be that we were going too. The next day began an amazing trip to Italy. Brett and I got on a plane and flew to Italy and spent a few days. We saw the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, The Vatican and The Sistine Chapel. We saw lots of other buildings as well. We can now go to Rome and get around pretty good because of being able to walk everywhere to see the sights. Without a doubt the most eventful, exciting and educational trip I have ever been on. Today was my last day at school too. It was sad seeing the students and staff off but I knew I had to. I got lots of cards, a calender of Ireland and a DVD of a very funny Irish show called Father Ted. I did a lot of PE lessons today and let the students pick their games to play. It was a very fun day but sad at the end. Overall I am so glad that I got to experience this teaching in Ireland and traveling. It was an eye opening experience and one I will never forget.



















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